Fighter's Heaven | Deer Lake, PA
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Fighter's Heaven
Deer Lake, Pennsylvania

A destination that will remind some and educate others about the remarkable and inspirational life of Muhammad Ali.

The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.


A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, especially in sports.


The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

Muhammad Ali Fighter’s Heaven

Established 1972 ~ Deer Lake, PA

In 1972, the great Muhammad Ali began preparing for his biggest fights at a training camp in rural Deer Lake, PA called ‘Fighter’s Heaven’. Today, through the preservation and restoration of the Training Camp, we’re creating a destination that will, for decades to come, remind some, and educate others, about the remarkable and inspirational life of Muhammad Ali.

Facility Information for Groups & Family Events.

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View the training grounds and before and after images.

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Muhammad Ali Museum

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Group & Family Events

As a venue for your meeting, conference or retreat, Fighter’s Heaven delivers the spirit and inspiration of Muhammad Ali. The property covers 6 acres and includes the Gym which has been converted to a small museum, a Kitchen which can seat and feed 18-20, and two Bunkhouses which can seat up to 50 people each for various meeting and break-out type of activities.

Seleda Simmons
Seleda Simmons
ABSOLUTELY PHENONMENAL! The staff and overseers of Fighter's Heaven do an incredibly great job making you feel like your are in the moment with every room you visit. You get an amazing feeling of pride and dedication. I recommend Fighter's Heaven to everyone even if you are not a boxing fan and guarantee you will leave feeling an overload of enjoyment.
Allan B
Allan B
Fighter’s Heaven was such a great place to visit. Whether you’re a boxing fan or not, this will allow you to travel back to the time when Ali trained with other boxers in a more humble setting. Gives you an insight on his thoughts and feelings. Mick was great at guiding us through the complex and sharing a lot of interesting insight on the location and its most famous inhabitant. You will gain a new perspective on who Muhammad Ali was. It’s also a fun place for kids. They’ll enjoy playing around in the ring Ali trained.
scott eidam
scott eidam
I'm from near the camp, and family still lives close. We watched Ali train there.
A.K. Leinbach
A.K. Leinbach
So let me start off by saying that I am not the biggest boxing fan, but I chose to join my co-workers on a trip to Fighter's Heaven. I'm glad I did because to say that this trip was entertaining is a huge understatement. Fighter's Heaven is located in a rural and very scenic area. It is about 4 miles north of Deer Lake, PA, and is very easy to find. This place has been immaculately updated. The displays are well done, organized, and contain very interesting facts on Ali's camp. Our host and guide Mick was excellent and provided interesting, detailed facts about Fighter's Heaven. You could spend as little as 45 minutes here or up to 2 hours if you choose to look at all the picture albums and read all the literature at the displays. If you are a fan of Ali or just boxing in general, Fighter's Heaven should be on your bucket list! By the way, admission is free, but the experience you get is priceless!
Ronnie Vengua
Ronnie Vengua
This place is an absolute GEM! Muhammad Ali’s Training Gym!!!! As a fight fan, I was so excited to visit this place. Mick, the host gave us a brief overview of the place and then cut us loose to explore. He than took our photo in the ring and gave us ideal spots to snap fotos throughout the facility. TY Mick and Madden Family for preserving this wonderful place!!!
Aaron “Aaron-Michael Vickery” VICKERY
Aaron “Aaron-Michael Vickery” VICKERY
Knocked out every opponent I faced with ease
Grace Su Ming
Grace Su Ming
Highly recommend!!! Amazing historical place, the area was beautiful! Mick was very kind and helpful! It is free, donation suggested. We spent about 90 mins walking around and you can go into 5 buildings.
Zach Ryan
Zach Ryan
A great experience! Got to see how Ali spent his time training for his big fights. A cool piece of history worth the visit. Plus it is completely free. Every half hour there is a short walking tour talking about the history of the site. Spent about an hour and a half here to see everything.








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    Fighter’s Heaven was thrilled by a recent visit by Ali’s eldest daughter Maryum “May May” Ali. Maryum was in New York City to participate in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, an event she has been involved with for over twenty years. Before heading home, she wanted......

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  • Lynda Pollack-Schiffer

    01 Nov Newsletter – Volume #8

    The Fighter’s Heaven Family lost a key member when Lynda Pollack-Schiffer passed away on Nov.14th. Lynda spent a lot of time at the Camp on weekends giving tours, talking with visitors and sharing stories about her family’s friendship with Muhammad Ali and his family. It was Lynda’s father, Bernie Pollack, who invited Ali to train in Deer Lak...

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  • National Register of Historic Places

    01 Oct Newsletter – Volume #7

    Officially Listed on the National Register of Historic Places Fighter’s Heaven is now officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places as of August 21, 2023!!! The National Register is administered by the National Park Service and is the Nation’s official list of cultural......

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